In addition to our roleplaying events, Castles & Chemo also hosts a month long game drive during the holiday season.  You can find dropboxes in gaming stores all around Connecticut, which benefit various cancer centers around the state.

Since 2013, the annual game drive has collected nearly $5,000 in games, RPG books, and gaming supplies.

Granting a +4 to Saves vs cancer

Our main events, held in local gaming

stores as well as gaming conventions across the country, are gaming sessions where the players run through an adventure written by Castles & Chemo CEO, John J Gillick, based on his personal cancer experiences. 

These adventures, covering topics from bone marrow transplants to post-treatment depression, help to educate those who play and run through them about the cancer experience through their gameplay.

Castles & Chemo, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to raise money for cancer research and support in an effort to make cancer a relic of the past through the use of tabletop role playing games, both by publishing game supplements and organizing & running fundraising events, both in the United States and abroad.