Granting a +4 Bonus to Saves vs Cancer

Using Fantasy Heroes to Help Out Our Real Life Heroes

“Eventually, something clicked… D&D was one of the things I attribute to helping me get through cancer, so why not use it to help others get through cancer? That was the idea I was looking for.”

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John J Gillick

President, CEO, Art Director, Production Manager, & Publisher

Gen Con 2017

We're returning to the Best Four Days of Gaming!  Check out where you can find us!

Our Mission

Become a Hero

Kim Fazackerly

Treasurer, Event Staff Lead

Each year, we take the personal cancer stories of our fans and turn them into pregenerated characters for our events.  Take a look at some of our past heroes, and submit your story!

Keep an eye out for the next chance to help

Since 2011, our local and convention events have raised more than $10,000 for cancer research & support.  Find out when our next event will be, and join us in granting a +4 to saves vs. cancer!

Tim Gillick

Secretary, Corporate Liason