Tim Gillick

Secretary, Corporate Liason

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Castles & Chemo 2019

•WHEN                       1 June, 2019

•WHERE                     TBA




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Granting a +4 Bonus to Saves vs Cancer

Using Fantasy Heroes to Help Out Our Real Life Heroes

John J Gillick

President, CEO, Art Director, Production Manager, & Publisher

Kim Fazackerly

Treasurer, Event Staff Lead

Each year, we take the personal cancer stories of our fans and turn them into pregenerated characters for our events.  Take a look at some of our past heroes, and submit your story!

Since 2011, our local and convention events have raised more than $10,000 for cancer research & support.  Find out when our next event will be, and join us in granting a +4 to saves vs. cancer!

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“Eventually, something clicked… D&D was one of the things I attribute to helping me get through cancer, so why not use it to help others get through cancer? That was the idea I was looking for.”

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